3 Reasons Why Buying a Comprehensive Auto Insurance Policy Makes the Most Sense


Many states mandate that an automobile owner must buy auto insurance, but in most cases, the law only requires one to hold a liability policy. While a liability auto insurance policy will protect you if you are responsible for causing a car accident, it won't give you much coverage beyond that. This is a big reason that it is highly recommended that people purchase a comprehensive auto insurance policy.

A comprehensive auto insurance policy provides a much higher level of protection to the policyholder. Some of the top reasons to carry a comprehensive auto insurance policy include:

1. You Have an Auto Loan

Buying a quality car, whether used or new, is not cheap. Thus, most people utilize an auto loan to finance the purchase of their vehicle, and they make monthly payments for a set number of years until the loan is paid off. If you are currently making payments on an auto loan, buying a comprehensive auto insurance policy is essential. Many lenders require people to carry comprehensive auto insurance while paying off a car. The last thing that you would want is to damage your vehicle beyond repair in an accident and have to come up with the funds on your own to pay off the loan.

2. Life Is Unpredictable

No one knows what the future may hold, which is why buying a comprehensive auto insurance policy is so important. Your vehicle could be stolen out of your driveway, or it could be severely damaged when a tree falls on it during a storm. In these types of situations, you will be completely out of luck if you only have a liability insurance policy. With a comprehensive auto insurance policy, you will be compensated should your car be stolen or if it sustains damage that is expensive to repair. 

3. You Can Avoid Financial Difficulties

IF you total your car in an accident or if you are involved in an accident with an uninsured driver, your life can be very difficult if you don't have a comprehensive auto insurance policy. Most people can't come up with hundreds or thousands of dollars for unexpected auto repairs after an accident, nor is it easy to provide a down payment for a new car with little to no notice. If you carry a comprehensive auto insurance policy, you won't have to worry about these types of financial difficulties, since your insurance company will cover the cost of repairs or give you a check for the value of your car if it is totaled. 

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27 February 2020

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