3 Reasons Why Buying a Comprehensive Auto Insurance Policy Makes the Most Sense


Many states mandate that an automobile owner must buy auto insurance, but in most cases, the law only requires one to hold a liability policy. While a liability auto insurance policy will protect you if you are responsible for causing a car accident, it won't give you much coverage beyond that. This is a big reason that it is highly recommended that people purchase a comprehensive auto insurance policy. A comprehensive auto insurance policy provides a much higher level of protection to the policyholder.

27 February 2020

Avoid These Auto Insurance Mistakes


Auto insurance is one of the most essential forms of insurance; almost everyone needs auto insurance. However, not everyone is conversant with the auto insurance industry, and this exposes people to various costly mistakes. Below are some of the car insurance mistakes that can cost you dearly. Assuming Legal Limits Are Adequate Most states have minimum liability coverage that each motorist should have. The limit can be as low as 15/30/5 (Pennsylvania), which is relatively low by many people's standards.

18 February 2020

3 Seemingly Inconsequential Things That May Lower Your Home Insurance Premiums


Are you thinking about buying a home for the first time? Have you been doing your research to make sure that you'll be able to afford everything that goes into owning a home? If you've never owned any real estate before, figuring out what you actually need and what you don't need can feel like a confusing challenge. Of course, you need things like electricity and water but there are other bills that could crop up at any time.

27 January 2020